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At State of Harmony, our inception arises from a deep-rooted desire to craft exquisitely restorative products and tools. Drawing inspiration from ancient rituals that inherently nourish the mind, body, and soul, we aim to empower individuals to feel their best amid the hustle of modern life. This endeavor not only instills balance and well-being in rebels but also advocates for a slower, more mindful pace of living—a pace we collectively embrace to shape a more beautiful future for all. Our passion and commitment to this mission resonate at the core of our brand, guiding every step we take toward a harmonious planet and a unified existence.


State of Harmony thrives in a culture of inclusivity and non-judgment, placing people at the heart of our ethos. We continually strive for personal and collective improvement, fostering empathetic connections in every interaction. In our eyes, every individual is equal, and our commitment to bettering ourselves extends to our world, brands, workers, suppliers, and community.


With a strong environmental commitment, State of Harmony infuses consciousness into every facet of our operations. From selecting only the freshest, most natural ingredients to utilizing recyclable packaging, we are dedicated to reducing our impact on the planet. While the journey towards sustainability is ongoing and intricate, our determination propels us forward, aligning self-development and exploration with our ethos.


Acknowledging our responsibility to operate with integrity, State of Harmony is conscious of our social and environmental impact. We believe in the power of action as the antidote, and thus, we have partnered with One Tree Planted. For every sale of our milk bath product, we plant ten trees, contributing to cleaner air, filtered water, biodiversity preservation, job creation, carbon absorption, and medicinal resources—a tangible way we give back to the planet and its inhabitants.