a conscious company

At State of Harmony, we have the desire to uncover restorative techniques and products. Taking inspiration from ancient rituals that inherently nourish the mind, body, and soul, we strive to empower individuals to feel their best amidst the hustle of modern life. This endeavor not only brings balance and well-being to rebels but also promotes a slower, more mindful way of living—a pace that we all collectively adopt to shape a more beautiful future for everyone.


We believe that inclusivity and non-judgment form the foundation of our culture, with people being at the core of our ethos. Our team constantly strives for personal and collective improvement, fostering empathetic connections in every interaction. Every individual is equal in our eyes, and we extend our commitment to bettering ourselves, our world, brands, workers, suppliers, and the community.


Our environmental commitment is deeply ingrained in every aspect of our operations. From carefully selecting nature-inspired products and ingredients to actively reducing our carbon footprint, sustainability is at the core of our mission. While the journey towards a more sustainable future is ongoing and intricate, our unwavering determination propels us forward, aligning with our ethos of self-development and exploration.

we give back

At State of Harmony, we operate as a conscious company committed to social responsibility. In alignment with our community, we harness the transformative force of nature with a simple promise: for every purchase, we plant a tree.

Explore more about our partnership with One Tree Planted by clicking the link below.